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Masterful Relationship Teleclass with Karen King

Karen King is a professionally trained coach and workshop facilitator with years of experience. Participants in Karen’s workshops and teleclasses love her direct yet accepting approach. Her gentle insistence on seeking the truth helps clients to shift the mind sets that block them from joyful relationships. This three part workshop teleclass helps busy professionals attract and sustain the relationship they desire, by understanding communication and relationship styles that impact our success in finding and keeping that perfect partner.

Being Successful Outside of the Office

What works in business relationships may not work in your personal relationships. High performing people can get caught up in their logical left brain and find it difficult to connect to their emotional right brain. This session of three teleclasses provides support to use your whole brain in relationships.

The process consists of:

• Understanding your needs and preferences in key relationships
• Identifying partner relationship styles that don’t work for you
• Designing relationship environments that support your preferences
• Defining and removing self-imposed limitations
• Building a compelling vision of the relationships you desire
• Sustaining the behaviour changes you desire in the stages of dating

Program Price: $70 per person for 3 weekly teleclass sessions

Dates: Coming Soon

We're excited to bring you these new workshop teleclasses which, for your convenience, can be taken from the comfort of your home or office and you can still be involved in a meaningful discussion with questions and answers.

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