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Who is Perfect Partners?

The Perfect Partners Team

Gloria MacDonald, Founder of Perfect PartnersGloria MacDonald,
Founder and President

I am a matchmaker and the Founder and President of Perfect Partners Relationship Search Inc. I grew up on the East Coast of the US where I earned a Bachelor's degree from Boston University and a Master's degree from Lesley College in Boston. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the US. Toronto is the city that I love and where I make my home.

Prior to becoming a matchmaker, I spent over 12 years working at the executive level in the marketing industry, building highly effective teams and partnerships. My success was largely attributed to the fact that I am intuitive, perceptive, and easy to talk to. One of the reasons that I started Perfect Partners is that I have a real zest for life and am an incurable romantic. I have a positive, spiritual approach to life and believe that all things are possible.

Since 2003, when I launched Perfect Partners, I've interviewed hundreds and hundreds of single men and women and have introduced over 4,500 couples.

Why I created Perfect Partners

The decision to become a matchmaker was borne from personal experience. I'm sure that my story is not much different from yours. In my mid-forties, I found myself single again. I had spent 17 years of my adult life married. In the ensuing 3 ½ years since my divorce, my dating prospects were slim. In my business life, I met men regularly. But, they seemed to all be married. In fact, everyone I knew seemed to be married. All of these married people seemed to only know other married people. There were no single, eligible men on my radar screen.

Finally a friend suggested that I consider a dating service. My first reaction was probably much like yours. "No way! I couldn't do that!" My friend was very persistent and eventually I decided to call a dating service, but only for information. I checked out many services and eventually joined one.

As I went through various dating experiences, both with and without the use of a dating service, I became more and more convinced that there was a real need to help people find their "perfect partner". Speaking to friends, colleagues and acquaintances, I realized that I wasn't the only one who was in this situation. Every single person that I spoke to was feeling exactly the same way that I was.

The desire for companionship and love are basic to our nature and fundamental to our well being. I believe that the "perfect partner" is out there for anyone who has a sincere desire to find him/her.

My personal mission is to inspire, motivate and teach, thereby empowering millions to discover, build and grow living love in successful relationships.

I do believe that the "perfect partner" is out there for you - that unique match that feels like your favorite pair of old slippers, that special someone who fits like the piece of a puzzle. My goal is to help you find your special someone to share your laughter, joy, adventure and special moments with.

Out of these experiences, Perfect Partners was created.

The Perfect Partners Team Members

Kathy SnowChief Consumer Marketing Officer - Kathy Snow

Kathy Snow leads the Consumer Marketing and Client Services divisions for Perfect Partners, The Personal Relationship Executive Search Firm. She brings over 20 years experience to the team, specializing in consumer marketing, retention and operations. She has served in a leadership capacity in the publishing, internet and retail industries and in each of those roles has always had a strong focus on the customer experience and has been known as the” voice of the customer” around many boardroom tables. She has been the expert speaker for industry and community functions over the years and is passionate about helping and supporting people through sharing experiences, ideas and successes. She is versatile and contributes at all levels of the organization from strategic planning to execution.

Kathy grew up in Red Deer, Alberta before moving to Toronto in the early 90’s. She is a true people person and has a warm and inviting nature. She takes an optimistic approach to everything she does and considers every day an opportunity to learn and improve.

Sharon MarksChief Technology Officer - Sharon Marks

As Chief Technology Officer for Perfect Partners, The Personal Relationship Executive Search Firm, Sharon Marks is responsible for assuring the successful execution of the company's business objectives, strategy and mission through the development and deployment of offline and online technology. Sharon also sits on the Executive Leadership Team for the company and shares her expertise; helping to shape, grow and improve the organization.

Sharon graduated from the University of Toronto and has had a highly successful career in marketing, where she has built and managed databases with enormous amounts of data and varying levels of complexity for multi-national companies in the publishing, event marketing and internet industries. With her strong background in both marketing and technology, Sharon launched her own successful business, Two Roads Marketing, where she provides creative, marketing and technology solutions for her clients. Sharon has worked with Perfect Partners from its inception in 2003, first as a consultant and now as the Chief Technology Officer.

Paul CassVP of Finance - Paul Cass

Paul Cass and his team manage the Perfect Partners  accounting department. Paul's educational background is in Business Administration – Accounting. He brings his own entrepreneurial and business skills to this position as the founder of Account 4it Canada Inc. Paul has 20 years experience managing business administration, bookkeeping, and accounting departments and has been working with Perfect Partners Relationship Search Inc. since 2005. His strengths in the areas of policy, procedure and process will help ensure that we are prepared for growth while staying organized and meeting all financial reporting requirements. Paul and his team provide the essential services that are part of the backbone to making the business a success.

Paula LewisClient Support and Administration - Paula Lewis

Paula is a 4th year student at Laurentian University earning her Bachelor of Physical Education degree with a concentration in Health Promotion. She ultimately plans to complete her M.D. in family medicine specializing in Paediatrics. While Paula is a full time student, we are thrilled to have her as a valuable member of our team whether she is working with us at head office in Toronto or working remotely in Sudbury.

In addition to providing administrative support and analysis, she is our social media expert and has successfully expanded the Perfect Partners brand to that medium. Her contribution is crucial and helps shape the direction for the company.


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